A scene of Anek is going viral, Ayushmann Khurrana’s dialogue reminds of Kicha Sudeep-Ajay Devgan controversy

Ayushmann Khurana The trailer of the upcoming film ‘Anek’ was released on 5th May i.e. Thursday. In this film of Anubhav Sinha, there is an attempt to show about India’s many languages, many costumes. Discrimination between different spoken languages ​​and cultures has also been shown, especially with regard to the people of the North East. Although the 3-minute full trailer of ‘Anek’ is in full swing, but out of this, a scene of about 30 seconds is in discussion. A dialogue in this trailer has reminded of the Hindi language dispute between Ajay Devgn and Kicha Sudeep.

The trailer of ‘Anek’ is being liked a lot. Made in an attempt to tie the unity in the diversity of the country, every scene, every dialogue of this film is excellent but one dialogue is heavy on all. Anubhav Sinha throughout the trailer of Ayushmann Khurrana has tried to reconcile the diversity spread from one corner to another on the basis of language and colour. A clip taken out of this trailer is being shared on social media, supporting Kicha Sudeep’s words, saying that the first voice was raised by Kicha Sudeep.

Hindi dialogue
There is a scene in the trailer of ‘Anek’ in which Ayushmann Khurrana is driving and asks a person sitting together where are you from sir?, he says Telangana. Why south sir? Ayushman Khurana says on this but Telangana is in the north of Tamil Nadu. After this Ayushman asks where do you think I am from sir? He speaks that North India. Ayushmann again asks why do you feel like this, the answer is that your Hindi is clear.

How is a man only Indian?
If Ayushman says again, Hindi will decide who is from North and who is from South. That person does not speak. Then the actors say how it is decided sir? Not North Indian, not South Indian, not West Indian, not only Indian, how is a man?

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There was a dispute about this in Ajay Devgan-Kiccha Sudeep
The entire trailer of ‘Anek’ is being liked but this clip and dialogue are being praised a lot. Let us tell you that recently there was a lot of controversy regarding South Indian film vs Bollywood. There was also a debate about Hindi language in this, this dialogue of ‘Many’ is also on this issue.

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