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37 Years Of Arjun: The story of the film ‘Arjun’, which decorated Sunny Deol’s career, was written in just 3 hours.

Sunny Deol ‘Arjun’ has a big hand in taking his film career to the heights. Released on 10 May 1985, the story of this film is of an ace youth who struggles and rebels for his education, career and family life amidst crime, corruption, injustice. The story of this film, made under the direction of Rahul Rawail, was very much liked by the youth. The music in this film was given by RD Burman. The film received the Filmfare Award for Best Film, Best Director and Best Story. The story of writing the story of this film is also very interesting.

37 years ago today, Sunny Deol created panic in Hindi cinema by giving voice to the frustration of the youth. When Sunny spoke the dialogue ‘I am not from life, you are angry with you’ on the big screen, then from that era all the youth had become the voice. Arjun Malvankar’s character was played so beautifully in the film that the film became a huge hit.


‘Arjun’ is one of the best films of Sunny Deol. (Photo Credits: Film History Pics/twitter)

Javed Akhtar woke up Rahul at 4 am
The director of the film, Rahul Rawail, told an interesting anecdote related to the film ‘Arjun’ in a program. How Javed Akhtar had read about two dangerous gangs and picked up Rahul in the middle of the night. Actually, Rahul and Javed Akhtar had gone to Lonavala Hill Station near Mumbai. Javed woke up Rahul while sleeping at 4 am one day. He was in deep sleep but Javed said that a wonderful idea of ​​making a film has come to my mind. Not only this, within just 3 hours, the script of the film was also prepared.

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Javed got the story of ‘Arjun’ from the newspaper
Javed Akhtar has a habit of reading newspapers. He also got the idea of ​​the film ‘Arjun’ from the newspaper itself. In fact, in those days Dawood Ibrahim gang and Pathan gang were expanding their empire in Mumbai and their soft targets were unemployed, innocent youth. The youth who were facing the brunt of unemployment were facing desperation and these gangsters took advantage of this. On this, it was published in a news paper, after reading which Javed Akhtar prepared ‘Arjun’.

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